About me

Who Am I? And what do I do?

Hello I'm Ashley I'm an 18 year old maker from Aalst,Belgium.

That is me (on the right) and my lovely dog (on the left)

Me and my dog wish everyone a marry Christmas and a happy new year!! #selfie #dog #2016

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I love to make and hack stuff, from my MacBook to the chandelier. Chances are if it has one of those 'warranty void if removed labels' i'd probably voided the warranty before even thinking about opening it.

So what do you like to do?
I love to 3D print and design stuff.
Solder. I love to solder it's almost therapeutic

What is your biggest dream?
Having/ opening a Maker/hacker space. One of the reasons for that is that I want to be able to give everyone access to tools like 3D printers, CNC machines or lasercutters or just tools someone might not have in his or her possession.

Anyway thank you for reading this. this means a lot that you did that!