Let's give back to the community!

Let's give back to the community!

There are certain things that can't be found on the internet especially when you need them.

If you are like me, you use a lot of parts. And if you need to make a custom PCB you'll need some footprints. It can sometimes be hard to find footprints for Diptrace. Thats why I decided to give you the ones I make away for free. You can get them from the link below.

Update: All files are from now on hosted on GitHub

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Image script

So you might have noticed that the top banner changes at certain times. And no I don't change it every time. There is this little bit of JS that does that for you. And yes you can use it as much as you want!

var today, someday, resault,backgroundimage; today = new Date(); somemonth = today.getMonth()+1; someday = today.getDate(); if (somemonth == (5) && someday == (14)) { document.getElementById("displayimg").style.backgroundImage = "url('')"; // ^^Gay pride Brussels 14 May }else if (somemonth == (6) && someday == (30)) { document.getElementById("displayimg").style.backgroundImage = "url('')"; // ^^Maker faire rome 30 and .. May }else if (somemonth == (4) && someday == (26)|someday == (27)) { document.getElementById("displayimg").style.backgroundImage = "url('')"; // ^^Mini Maker faire Mechelen 26 and 27 April // This is an example to add another event use | to make it last 2 or more days // }else if (somemonth == (enter month) && someday == (day)) { // document.getElementById("displayimg").style.backgroundImage //"url('Image url')"; // ^^Say what it is to keep track } else { document.getElementById("displayimg").style.backgroundImage = "url('')"; // ^^If no new event is planned display main banner }

Dont forget the style tags


div id="displayimg"

(Dont forget the Div tags)

Where you need to display your image

Please note this code isn't the best. but it works!