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Using the J Tech Photonics Laser add-on (2.8W)

A while back I’ve bought a J Tech Photonics laser add-on for my X-Carve CNC mill. It wasn’t cheap. I paid €405 for the complete set. This included: The laser and driver module, the 3D printed mounting kit + fan and a pair of safety glasses. The laser set:

Posted by Ashley Van Steenacker on August 09, 2016

USB type C Mod time!

What is type C? USB type C is a new way of combining multiple types of connections/signals in to one single connector. For example this single connector contains: a usb 3.0 connection, a usb 2.0 connection, a displayport connection, Analog audio out. And it can both receive

Posted by Ashley Van Steenacker on June 24, 2016

DIY solder stencils

So you've made a few printed circuit boards (PCB's) and now you have to manually solder all of those tiny 0402 SMD components. Or you are just curious how you can make your life easier when soldering a lot of SMD components. Search no more! It's Stencil time! You've probably

Posted by Ashley Van Steenacker on May 30, 2016

The X-carve is Awesome!

While I was working on fixing my Makerbot (Again) I suddenly heard the UPS bleep sound of a package being scanned. Before the delivery guy even had a chance of ringing the bell I had already opened the door, since well I knew what was inside of the box! It

Posted by Ashley Van Steenacker on April 25, 2016

New blog

You might have noticed that the layout of this blog has changed significantly and that most of the old posts have disappeared. Well besides from the outside being different so is the inside. I have moved away from Wordpress since I felt it has just became way to bloated. So

Posted by Ashley Van Steenacker on April 10, 2016